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Careers Lebanon

At CAREERS, career counseling and assessment, recruitment, training and development, organizing events and seminars, and human resource management services cohabitate to foster efficiency of services Yanni Bldg, 1st floor, Zahrat El-Ihsan Street Achrafieh, Beirut, Lebanon Telephone +961 1 203282 - 339018 - 339020 Fax +961 1 203258

AL DALEEL Employment Office

Al Daleel Employment Office is a fully licensed Lebanese company for recruiting and processing manpower from Lebanon

LebansesBrain - الأدمغة اللبنانية

نهدف من هذا الموقع المميز الى اطلاق الأدمغة اللبنانية من أصحاب الكفاءات والطاقات والاختصاصات المتعددة و حاملي الشهادات الجامعية والمهنية الى اللاحدود, لتصل سيرتهم الذاتية الى المؤسسات والشركات و اصحاب الشأن والمهتمين في لبنان والعالم والمحتاجين الى التعامل والتعاون مع هذه الشرائح الخلاقة والمبدعة لتسهيل عملهم بما يتناسب مع قدراتهم أو لعقد أي اتفاق عمل مباشر يجمعهم دون المرور بأي طرف ثالث أو واسطة قد تحط من قدر طاقاتنا عبر عمولات تدفع كأن أدمغتنا سلعة تشترى أو تجارة مربحة، فموقعنا يهدف بالدرجة الأولى الى تأمين عمل لائق لكل هذه الاختصاصات

Lebanon jobs, CV listing

Lebanon jobs and cv searching.

Head Hunter Recruitment & Consulting Lebanon

HEADHUNTER s.a.r.l is a Recruitment and Consulting Services, established in 1993. Throughout the years, HEADHUNTER s.a.r.l have earned an enviable reputation for responsibility, rectitude and reliability - it is now considered one of the top leading recruitment agencies in the Middle East J.R. Center (Candy), 4th Floor Jal El-dib Highway, Lebanon Tel: 00961-4-713337 Fax: 00961-4-713338

Lebanon Recruitment: Lebanon Jobs

Lebanon Employment,Career ,Work,Oppertunity

UNDP Jobs in Lebanon

United Nations Development Programme Job Vacancy Announcements

Mehani - مهنكم

The fastest way in the Middle East for finding Jobs Mailing Address P.O Box 165-038 Ashrafieh Sassine Beirut - Lebanon Jobseekers and vacancies Telephone (961 1) 334.731 (961 3) 846.533 Fax (961 1) 334.731

Job Helper - Safadi Foundation

Job-Helper is a part of Safadi Foundation ( Non profit, Non Governmental Organization ). It seeks to reduce unemployment by giving assistance for college & technical institutes graduates for finding jobs Job Helper Center Tripoli - Azmi Street - Face Top Cafe Phone: 961 6 423704 - Fax: 961 6 423703

Mneimne Employment Agency Lebanon

Mneimne For Trading & Enterprise Co El Mina Street- Guardenia Building - El Mina Tripoli Lebanon Tel: +961 6 222950 Fax: +961 6 611279

Mantis Lebanon

Business experience across a diverse range of industries, with expertise in human resources consulting, recruitment and executive search missions for emerging and blue chip companies

IHR The Leading Recruitment Company in the Middle East

IHR, International Health Resources Corporation, recruitment, jobs through International Health Resources. Hundreds of jobs for medical workers in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf area. Great tax free pay, travel, health benefits, free housing and transportation. Hamra, facing Le Meridian Commodore Hotel Mofarej Building 2nd floor. Phone: +961 1 743777 Fax: +961 1 743988 P.O. Box: 113-7206 Beirut-Lebanon

Business Service Office s.a.r.l

We have provided companies of different sizes many candidates who became successful employees, but these days there is a new trend in the market. "Outsourcing" is becoming the trend of the field of Human Resources. It has great advantages and benefits. B.S.O. The Recruitment Agency has the two main factors to provide the outsourcing, first the professional experience and second the right resources. We believe that successful outsourcing relationships are based on the principles of fairness and objectivity. The successful outsourcing in our opinion starts with the clients and their commitment to receive value for their money. We are therefore committed to let you and your team in control.

Hire Lebanese Job Board

Hire Lebanese is proud to provide qualified Lebanese candidates recruiting solutions

B.S.O. The Recruitment Agency

Management Plus S.A.R.L

Management Plus S.A.R.L Permanent Recruitment - Contract/Temporary Staffing - HR Consultancy - Screening and Selection Services - Technical Assessment - Psychological Assessment - Salary Surveys Sami El-Solh Avenue, Rahal Bldg., 3rd Floor Beirut - Lebanon Tel: 961 1 396309/10/11 Fax: 961 1 382713

Jalloul Recruiting Agency

Manpower Agency Also أطلب خادمتك على الأنترنت أووظيفة

Prime Job

Prime Job, another service by NNS: dedicated to human resources development through the promotion of free movement of labor all around the world

JC Conseil Recruitment & Executive Search

Leading recruiters since 1976, JC Conseil is conducting from Beirut Lebanon, successful Recruitment & Executive Search missions, covering the Middle East, Gulf & Africa.

Rasd Lmited executive search UAE & Beirut

The Middle East practice was established in 1989 and incorporated under the name of Rasd Limited and branded Amrop International since 1996. Our mission is to search for, identify, qualify, develop, motivate and introduce talented executives and professionals for senior placement in quality business institutions in the Middle East A Member of Amrop Hever Group, The Amrop Hever Group is an international executive search organization operating from 81 offices in 52 countries. Dubai P.O. Box: 65851 Dubai, United Arab Emirates Tel: +971 4 332 8830 Fax: +971 4 332 8829 Rasd Limited - Beirut Office: P.O. Box: 113-7308 Beirut, Lebanon Tel: +961 1 364 920 Fax: +961 1 364 921

Lebanese Jobs

ASAS - Profiles Of Lebanon

ASAS is a Lebanese recruitment and Human Resources company.

Blue Bead Recruitment Lebanon

BLUE BEAD Recruitment Agency Beirut - Mar Elias Street Byblos Bank Building P.O.Box: 14-6762 Beirut - Lebanon Tel/Fax: 00961 1 70 7472, 73

Star 5 Recruitment Lebanon

An independent Recruitment Office based in Chouifat - Lebanon, specializing in the recruitment and placement of temporary, contract and permanent quality staff Lebanon – Chouifat Highway, Near Fantasia & Pain D’Or Rawlman Center 1 Tel: 961 05 804372

Koudourat Lebanese Anti Unemployement Association

Aiding, counseling, assisting, coaching, mentoring and protecting the interests of individuals, small and medium businesses, helping youth to build their capacities and create a business for life Tel: 00961 1 396061

Perks Job Seekers

Perks CV online presents a very novel concept for human resources searching

MULLER Industries sarl

MـLLER Industries sarl. Lebanon's leading manufacturer and exporter of Bricks and Roof Tiles MـLLER Industries sarl Industrial Park, Mazraat Yashouh Metn, LEBANON P.O.Box 14 Ain Aar Tel: +961 4 920414 / Fax: +961 4 926572 / Cell: +961 3 661718

Focus group

A specialized recruitment & training agency targeting the real estate development and construction industry. Focus HR services, as all projected services within Focus Group, are specifically tailored to address employment needs of our clients including organizations seeking professional talent or candidates Beirut - Lebanon Tel +961 3 620154

Rouaa Recruitment & Headhunting Lebanon

Rouaa Recruitment Agency Tel +961 3 049116, 856727

Hired lb Job Listing Site in Lebanon

Find and List Jobs in Lebanon

Workers s.a.r.l

We are a recruitment company that recruits housemaids from Sri Lanka and the Philippines to Lebanon and around the world Address: Antelias - facing Armenian Patriarchate - Antonin Building - 3rd floor P.O.Box: 70-543 - Lebanon Tel 961. 4.402009 - 4.414510 - 4.414511

Service Line Executive Recruitment & Training Lebanon

Service Line is one of the largest Staffing and Recruitment firms in Lebanon New Center, Mar Elias Main RoadLebanon, Mar Elias, Beirut, Lebanon Tel: +961 1 705890

Outsourcing Recruitment Lebanon

Delivering high quality recruitment solutions, fulfillling manpower needs with international recruitment, headhunting, re-employment screening, employee relations, training constancy Rawlman Center, Choueifat Main Road, Beirut Lebanon Tel: +961 5 805853,4

Itineris sarl - Career Opportunities

MGS Lebanon Manpower

MGS Manpower focusing on qualified personnel's as nannies, caregiver, housekeeper and nurses Boulevard - Ghossein Centre 2nd Floor P O Box : 110 - Zahle - Lebanon Phone: 00961-8-823339 / 00961-8-803339 Fax: 00961-8-804466

Manpower Online  أطلب خادمتك على الأنترنت أو وظيفة

Jal El Dib - Yashoui Bldg. - 6th Floor Tel 04-712666 & 04-712766

Kadmous House Maids Recruiting Lebanon

At Kadmous Est. You will find maids from BANGLADESH, ETHIOPIA, PHILIPPINES, and SRI LANKA Al-Ramel, Salam Street, Facing Al-Bousi Cafe Near Halabi Restaurant, Khadra Building P.O.Box 210 Tyr, Lebanon T +9617345570 +9617345580 F +961345570


Domestic Helper Recruitment - توظيف العمالة المنزلية


بريدنا شركة في بيروت تعنى بايجاد الوظائف المناسبة لطالبي العمل. وتساعد الشركات على ايجاد الموظفين المناسبين للمراكز الشاغرة.كما تعمل بريدنا على مساعدة المتعاملين معها على بيع وشراء العقارات في لبنان.

Corporate Vacancies Lebanon

P.O.Box 11-503 Down Town - Lebanon

شباب لبنان

CUDMOS Children and Youth Development and Mobilization of Opportunities نظام القروض الصغيرة و كيفيّة الحصول عليه المؤسّسات و الجمعيات التي تساعدك في الحصول على القروض لمساعدتك على بداية حياتك المهنيّة وايجاد فرص عمل جديدة

AlFunduq Hospitality Recruitment

Online hospitality recruitment portal